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Tech platform to match consumers to supermarket produce being discarded. The merchants reduce waste disposal spend, customers get free or deeply discounted food. Team ex-Microsoft, Telenor and HTC. SEIS eligible.


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Vorherige Runden €45,000
Phase Verkaufsfähiges Produkt
Investorenrolle Egal


  • Highly experienced team - ex Microsoft, Komplett, Telenor and HTC
  • Consumers get food for free or a 90% discount, stores cut waste spend
  • Can be rolled out globally with little manpower, as it is a platform
  • Founders have bootstrapped to date (Invested ca. £37k) and £40K new commit.
  • Potential to expand into hygiene and other products - anything with expiry.
Zur Beachtung: Diese Projekte sind nur für Investoren geeignet, die sich der Risiken im Zusammenhang mit dieser Anlageform vollständig bewusst sind und diese auch tragen können.

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