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2.000€ - 50.000€

location_on Blackrock, Australien

Currently work as a sales manager for a well known trade publication based in Western Australia. Born and educated in Ireland. I am seeking busi...


Initially looking to invest but have expertis...

28.000€ - 285.000€

location_on Betchworth, Großbritannien

I have over 23 years of experience as a consultant and consulting practice leader within the Financial Services industry. I specialise in the planning...


Strategic change definition and delivery. La...

9.000€ - 88.000€

location_on Cincinnati, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Legal Professional


Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. ...

100€ - 600€

location_on New Delhi, Indien

I am an entrepreneur myself. I run a web design and digital marketing company. I also run two websites that focus on short stories. Now I'm plannin...


Digital Marketing, Strategy Building, Busines...

1€ - 157.000€

location_on Brisbane, Australien

Private Investor. I'm a thinker/people person. I like to explore alternative solutions to problems and have an open mind about what will work best.


Property Developments, Project Planning, Mana...

1.000€ - 28.000€

location_on London, Großbritannien

In my role I have worked on a number of marquee transactions across Europe, US and Australia, with focus on due diligence, financial valuation, financ...



1.000€ - 13.000€

location_on Dhanbad, Indien

Assistant Software Engineer at TATA Consultancy Services.


Electronics, Software, Marketing, Teelecom

6.000€ - 3.211.000€

location_on Pretoria, Südafrika

External Consultant for Investec


Finance & Accounting

10.000€ - 75.000€

location_on Taradell, Spanien

Generalitat de Catalunya, Delegado en Francia 2011-2012 I****, S.A. (OJD), audiitoría de la difusión de los medios. Miembro del comite ejecutivo. Co...


Mis ámbitos de experiencias son los medios de...

3.000€ - 13.000€

location_on Karachi, Pakistan

IBA graduate. Managing family business. I am a franchise owner of Aspiring Minds, a leading employability solutions company.


Distribution and Marketing

1€ - 6.000€

location_on Stanwell Park, Australien

I have a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) with a major in Accountancy and Financial Planning from the University of Wollongong. I also have have a Maste...


Customer Service, Public Health, Health Advoc...

9.000€ - 126.000€

location_on Paddington, Australien

Director of an accounting firm based in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. I have a diverse business knowledge that has developed from working in a varie...


Accounting skills and great understanding of ...

17.000€ - 90.000€

location_on shanghai, China

I am a Harvard trained accountant, with a life time spent building and selling businesses to banks and insurance companies for over 20 years; looking ...


finance, accounting, retail, mining and also ...

100€ - 13.000€

location_on Mumbai, Indien

I am Director of an animation company. I am also an equity, forex and commodity trader.


2D Animation, 3D Animation, 3D Product Design...

6.000€ - 126.000€

location_on Fairlight, Australien

Entrepreneur looking for joint ventures and win-win business relationships


International Trade, Product Development, E-c...

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