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28.000€ - 166.000€

location_on Perth, Australien

I use extensive 'C' suite experience from Managing Director/Partner/Consultant/CFO roles in Corporate and Professional Service firms to solve business...


Business Operation Improvement & Restructurin...

6.000€ - 55.000€

location_on Sydney, Australien

CEO of one of Australia’s leading payment service providers.


Aggregation, AML, Business Networking, Busine...

55.000€ - 2.760.000€

location_on Bowral, Australien

Construction industry for 35 years, businessman with MBA & Builders Licence, semi retired.


Mergers & Aquisitions, Venture Capital & Busi...

112.000€ - 558.000€

location_on Harrow, Großbritannien

Investment Director


Business Strategy, New Business Development, ...

56.000€ - 558.000€

location_on Herts, Großbritannien

Entrepreneurial executive working at the intersection of media and technology. Deal maker working with digital platforms, broadcasters & distribution ...


Hybrid thinker with education, skills and exp...

1€ - 56.000€

location_on Cranleigh, Großbritannien

Owner of a Heating and Plumbing business



1.000€ - 56.000€

location_on Wisbech, Großbritannien

General Practitioner


Medicine, Healthcare, Dermatology

100€ - 1.000€

location_on Nantwich, Großbritannien

My background is 3PL ambient grocery handling, storage, and distribution to all major supermarkets / smaller cash and carries. I have experience in le...


My areas of expertise are palletised goods ha...

11.000€ - 558.000€

location_on London, Großbritannien

I am EVP of EMEA for InAuth Inc which enables Banks, Financial Services and Online Retailers to know the user who is signing into an account is the pe...


Information Security, Authentication & Fraud ...

6.000€ - 33.000€

location_on Eastbourne, Großbritannien

Data Scientist & Technologist in a high-tech sector from innovative start-ups to scientific research in biotechnology and medical/health care sector.


Research and Development, Product Management ...

1.000€ - 11.000€

location_on London, Großbritannien

London based investor. I am especially interested in residential and commercial property.


Business Planning

1€ - 112.000€

location_on Grantham, Großbritannien

Managing Director of a company in the marine sector


Marine Engineering, Boats, Maritime, Yachting...

56.000€ - 279.000€

location_on Petworth, Großbritannien

EVP & Group Executive, Technology & Development Group of a large technology company. Responsible for investment and strategy across the 5 business un...


More than 20 years of leadership experience i...

56.000€ - 167.000€

location_on Chesham, Großbritannien

Over 30 years experience in setting up and running various enterprises including retail, leisure , technology and property.


Retail, Web Development, E-Commerce, Brand De...

1€ - 1€

location_on Stourbridge, Großbritannien

Independent Leisure, Travel & Tourism Professional


Marketing Strategy

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